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Diversity in one endeavor.
Yet people are United by the desire to be perfect. We believe that the interior shows the worldview that characterizes people. My task as a designer is to study it, and make it a reality. With more than 14 years of experience and I'm still in loving it. I get to know my clients, take their personality into account, and create their perfect space. Every day we transform apartments, houses and offices, carefully considering their location, history and the spirit of the place.

We are a team of professionals who can create any interior for you.

Alex Tolkachev, philosophy



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SIYUM international investment forum for architecture and design.



Develop the architecture and design industry in Russia through the formation of a creative professional community and the transformation of each participant's thinking.


Purpose of the forum:


Bring together representatives of the architecture and design industry at the forum with representatives of government agencies, investors, marketers and economists from Russia and other countries to exchange experience, knowledge and ideas, to determine the vector of development of the industry and solve global challenges to change the environment.


Objectives of the forum:

Increase the level of business activity in the architectural and design environment

Strengthen the positioning of architects and designers as specialists who contribute to a qualitative change in the social environment.

Learn the latest investment practices and implement them in Russian companies. Attract domestic and foreign investors to open unique production facilities related to the construction market in Russia.

Create an industry platform for solving current problems, training and sharing experience.

Vicente Guallart has been chief architect of Barcelona City Council from 2011 to 2015

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